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Meet the Band

We're a Phoenix-based blues band, dedicated to playing all kind of blues music. We're all experienced musicians and most of us are originally from the Phoenix, Arizona area (hey, 3 out of 4 ain't bad).

Randy - lead singer, guitar
Randy has played guitar and has sung with a number of popular bands since the late 70's (I know, he doesn't look that old does he?). He was the lead singer and front man for "Strange Daze", a very popular band in the Phoenix area in the 1980's. "We're going to give you an education in the blues-mmm".
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Paul - Lead Guitar
Paul has played lead guitar for numerous no-name has-beens and never-beens with great success. "I've played all styles of music but I always come back to the blues".

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Linda - Bass Guitar    

Linda has played with many bands during her illustrious guitar career but none that annoy her as much as these guys. However, no one else will tolerate her. "These guys are great. Really. REALLY."

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Vincent - Drums
Vincent is the newbie to the group, but he fit in immediately!  We're not sure, but we think he has a checkered past. He's an awesome drummer. Welcome, Vince, we're glad you're here!
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